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Do you want to learn how to ski? Maybe just improve your skiing technique and gain new confidence on the snow? Ski lessons at Vogel are the perfect way to have fun while learning something new. Learn to improve your skiing skills in a one-to-one lesson, or try it with a group of up to 4 of your friends and family. A certified instructor will be with you to help you master the skills quickly. Vogel offers different terrains for all types of skiers and it is suitable for all ages.

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We hear your wishes! You decide whether you want to learn the basics, improve your skiing technique or simply need a guide to show you the mountain. A friendly instructor will teach you everything that you need to feel confident while skiing, and make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Ski center Vogel offers diverse terrains that are sure to satisfy every skier’s individual needs and experience levels.

HALF DAY SKI LESSONS: Take half day lesson and enjoy the rest of the day skiing on your own. The duration of half day lessons is three hours, with a short break in between. 

FULL DAY SKI LESSONS: Take a full day lesson with our experienced instructor and have a perfect skiing day. You will learn all the important skills and our instructor will be with you all day making sure you are reaching new goals.

ONE HOUR LESSON: If you just want to try skiing for a little bit, or just work on your skiing technique our one hour lessons are the best option for you. You can choose what skills you want to improve and our instructor will help you. Duration of lesson: 55min

IMPORTANT: For all the options above you can choose one-to-one lessons with instructor or make up a group of up to 4 people with similar skiing ability.

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Want to try snowboarding? We offer lessons for beginners and intermediate snowboarders who want to improve their skills. Our snowboard instructors cater to all levels of snowboarding knowledge and experience. 

If it is your first time on a snowboard we will start with getting familiar with the equipment and then move on to the basic steps towards your snowboarding goal. With each snowboard lesson your confidence will grow. Once you have mastered basic turns and different types of ski lifts, you will really start to enjoy riding.

On the intermediate level we emphasise correcting mistakes and improving your overall technique. Consequently you will be able to add new skills in addition to those you have mastered already. We can also work with you on specific techniques you would like to improve, or suggest new challenges for you.

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